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Mot Perfume

The " Perfume Mot " ( Local name )
She has a Triangle-shaped body.
It's colours are: light brown, brown and also black.
Bottom edge of the wing has synchronic marks while
the right and left wing edge itself has some dark-brown
almost black patches running.
She has white dots on the legs.
Their body lenght is approximately 16mm excluding antenae.

She is atractive to herbs and plants with strong scents.
Including plants like : Basora Pretu and Jerba di Hole.
She's a very shy Mot.

Some difference between a Mot and a Butterfly:
* Antenae of a Mot does'nt have a ball at the end.
* Mots are mostly night insects.
* Mots lack vibrant colours like Butterflies.
* Mots sleep with open wings while Butterflies closed theirs.
* The pupa of a Butterfly hangs unprotected while Mots protects theirs
in the soil, rolled-up in leaves or covered with mud.
* Mots react on light, vibration and scent while Butterflies on
colour, temperature and scent.


Nature in picture